Responding to COVID-19 

Best Practices and Strategies for Building-Product Manufacturers - Whitepaper

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The Coronavirus Guidance for America identified plumbers and other tradespeople as “essential critical infrastructure workers,” especially as the nation responds to the threat of COVID-19. Therefore, many building-product manufacturers have announced that they will continue providing products and services to support suppliers and tradesmen. That said, manufacturers now face an even bigger responsibility to openly and accurately communicate with their stakeholders.

It’s essential that the information you share is accurate and comes from a trusted source in the industry. That being said, in order to relay information to key audiences, companies need to establish effective communications channels, such as industry publications, company websites, social media platforms and email.

Here’ what to expect:

  • The implication of COVID-19 on Building-Product Manufacturers
  • Opening the gate to your business operations
  • 12 Best practices and strategies for marketing during the pandemic, including examples.
  • Mid- to long-term marketing strategies


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