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We offer everything you would expect from an industry partner in the digital age.

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Public Relations

We recommend the most relevant and effective brand-awareness opportunities — both earned and paid — to drive interest through a blend of proven publicity tactics and calls-to-action. We understand trade and consumer pain points, as well as purchasing triggers. As a result, our efforts translate into awareness of, and preference for, your brand.

Public Relations Measurement

We are SMART-goal-focused for every campaign.
From tone and prominence scoring to share-of-voice reporting, we’ll track our progress toward your objectives.
Your investment ladders up to your business goals.

We support the business goals of our client-partners, using a blend of PR tactics:

B2B & B2C PR

Experiential Activations

Influencer Marketing

Case Studies & News Releases


Speaking Engagements

Speech Writing

Brand Application Videos

Award Campaigns

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Content Marketing

Prospective buyers actively research your category before making a considered-purchase decision. The more costly the purchase, the longer the consideration process. We strategically guide these active buyers to your brand by nurturing their decision-making with smart, educational content — storytelling that answers the questions your prospects have at every step of their journey. We understand not only your brand, but also the needs and wants of your various customer personas. We then develop and deliver the content strategy that showcases your brand’s solution.

Content Marketing Measurement

We constantly evaluate the performance of every content campaign, from new-product announcements to blogs to whitepapers to case studies.
Online project management and reporting tools make it easy to assess and modify the critical content assets, as we fine-tune our strategy.

We connect prospects who are actively “in-the-buying-zone” directly with your brand. How? Through credible content that drives informed and confident purchase decisions.

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Social Media

Don't underestimate the power of your social media presence. More than 50 million businesses have a Facebook Business Page. But not everyone has a unique posting and marketing strategy. Social media delivers instant brand messages to your audience and potential customers. Which is why​ ​we nurture them with great content, social media advertising, promotions, influencer marketing, and community building. This means they keep returning to your brand on their way to becoming loyal followers and passionate advocates.

Social Media Marketing Measurement

Onsite platform and other real-time online social media management and reporting tools make it easy to assess, modify and hone campaign performance.

Some of the yardsticks we use to measure your campaign’s progress:





A/B testing

Custom audience selection

Sponsored content

Video posts

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Lead Nurturing

Our Lead Nurturing Program reduces the burden on your salesforce by delivering highly qualified leads primed for conversion.
Our four-step process allows us to first identify relevant personas. We then target them through automated email campaigns with proven calls-to-action for valuable content like e-books, videos and whitepapers. This process shepherds a prospect 70% of the way through the sales cycle, so your leads are already educated and qualified by the time your sales force contacts them.

Lead Nurturing Measurement

We conduct a thorough analysis of your lead nurturing and email outreach campaigns to understand unique variances in persona and messaging strategy to enhance performance and adjust messaging based on results.

The proof is in the numbers. Nurtured leads can produce a 20% increase in sales and a 47% increase in purchase size. Key metrics include tracking of:

Open and click rates against industry averages

Page Traffic

Unsubscribe and bounce rates