building product email marketing

Sending the right email to your target audience is essential to get the results you are hoping for.   The best way to see

Refreshing your marketing tactics is important to stay relevant, especially in times of change. While we don’t know exactly how long this “new

2021 website update

In the wake of quarantines and social distancing, there is no denying the value of your brand’s website and digital presence.  These eight

promoting online training

In an effort to mitigate disruption and forge a new path forward through the new normal, building product manufacturers have pivoted to the

6 Consumer trends emerging from COVID-19 crisis

Pandemic-driven, homeowner behavior that all building-product manufacturers should keep on their radar for strategic planning. As the Coronavirus crisis continues relentlessly to unfold,

Integrating Your Marketing and PR Efforts

In the current digital age, roles and responsibilities are constantly changing and impacting one another. Remembering that we’re all in this together can

Contractor Buyer Persona

What is a Buyer Persona? A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your target customer. Creating buyer personas will help you define

There used to be a time when virtual events sounded somewhat futuristic. But with the rapidly changing communications landscape, more and more building-product

content marketing manufacturers

There have been significant advertising budget cuts across industries the past few months as a result of the Coronavirus. Emarketer predicts a decline

Predictions and Insights from Design and Construction Industry Professionals on impact of COVID-19

Seven Predictions and Insights from Design and Construction Industry Professionals, plus Our Own Take on It. The phrase “new normal” probably rings a