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5 Easy Tips to Effectively Promote Your Online Training Courses

 August 12, 2020

By  Greenhouse Digital + PR


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In an effort to mitigate disruption and forge a new path forward through the new normal, building product manufacturers have pivoted to the internet to continue providing training to their installer audiences. To ease the impact of the pandemic, companies are now offering their usual in-person training through webinars. But are you receiving the attendance you were hoping for? We’re sharing five easy tips for effectively promoting online training courses and drive attendees.

1. Define your purpose and goal 

Ask yourself these 5 questions: 

  • Why do you want people to know about your online training?
  • Who is your online training helping?
  • Is your online training a part of a bigger goal like hiring future employees, or building your representative connections?
  • What benefits will your online training provide to viewers? 
  • Why should they take your course?

2. Market your online training on social media

  • First, define your target demographic.
    • This may be different than your buyers. For example, If your classes are to teach technicians how to install your product, homeowners wouldn’t be your target.
  • After defining your target demographic, determine which social channels they are active on.
    • Use your existing audience insights to help determine your audience profile.
    • After narrowing down your channels, choose the best ad type. Each social channel will have different options, but you usually are safe with carousels or videos. They convert the highest.

3. Email marketing campaigns

Create separate lists for your current clients, leads and cold leads. Set-up multi-level marketing campaigns to bring them from the top of the funnel through to your end goal.

Aim to create three layers of advertising campaigns:

  • Introduction → informational/incentive -> sign-up
  • Action-based email sequences will help bring your audience further through the funnel.

4. Create a marketing schedule

  • For a one-time event, make sure to give yourself plenty of time. Normally, at least six weeks is suggested for promoting online training.
  • For a recurring series of events, keep the date and time consistent. This builds audience anticipation and establishes behavioral patterns.

5. Post-online training

  • If your course is a one-time event, make sure your attendees have access to materials and recordings afterward. If it is a public event, post them on an easily accessible page on your website.
  • If your training consists of recurring events, make sure you give attendees access to information whenever they need it. 
    • Reply to questions from your audience and stay engaged as much as possible. 
  • Re-target attendees for future events, training courses and product offerings.

Ready to successfully promote your online training? GreenHouse Digital + PR can help you drive attendees. Reach out to our digital marketing strategist to discuss your challenges and opportunities. Get started here.


Join our community to get our leading building insights, tips, and strategies delivered right to your inbox!