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Easy Social Media Ideas for Contractors

 February 10, 2022

By  Riley Hosman


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The impact social media marketing has on your business can be very strong if it is successfully planned out and executed. Before creating social media posts for your company, you must understand what content is best for each platform. Once you choose the right platform for your business, you can create content that will bring the most success for your audience. 

According to a national survey conducted by The Construction Marketing Association, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube are the most popular social network used (100%) by construction professionals, followed by Facebook (92%), Instagram (64%), Forums (45%), Pinterest (27%), Snapchat (18%), and Houzz (9%).

Source: The Construction Marketing Association

Contractors, building managers, and construction professionals value similar marketing content that they share among their peers. Social media can be the best marketing tool for building contractors to grow their business and increase leads when used properly. 

Let’s take a look at six social media post ideas that will generate engagement within your contractor audience: 

1. User-Generated Content

From our experience, UGC will always outperform a stock image. Make sure to get the customers’ permission before sharing it on your social media. Check out our tips on using UGC successfully in your marketing strategy.

2. Explainer or how-to videos of products

Videos are not just for entertainment; they are now being used to learn. Since most audiences would rather watch a video than read the instructions or manual, capitalize on that and create videos explaining the product or process. Youtube is a great platform to take advantage of for this.

3. Feature a building project

Offer your followers a peek at what your company is currently working on. You can share it like a story and include details about what is going on. Keep them updated on how things are going, and don’t forget to share the results.

4. Progress pictures of projects or installs

Who doesn’t love a good before and after picture? We recommend having your construction team record their progress along the way. Getting a behind-the-scenes look into a project is fun to see, keeps viewers engaged, and demonstrates the hard work of each job.

5. Customer testimonials

Social media is where most of your customers build trust in your products/brand. Seeing what others are saying about them will be extremely beneficial to you. You can do this by taking a video on sight or getting a quote from the customer about their experience working with your company.

6. DIY tips

Many people love finding DIY tips for their home renovations. According to Homes ISD, DIY home improvement is expected to rise by 4.2% this year. Share your expert knowledge on the steps of certain projects or what designs or products are trending in the industry. You can do this by sharing an image or video.

Remember that posting on social media does not have to be time-consuming or stressful. Get started using some of these ideas and monitor how they perform. Understanding the analytics will help you create the best content for your target audience for each platform.


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