Grow With GreenHouse: Important Metrics for Manufacturers

 September 16, 2021

By  Danielle Shulman

Join us for another installment of Grow With GreenHouse!  In this video, Danielle (Senior Digital Marketing Manager) and Madelyn (Account Manager) from our digital team share their expertise in analytics for the construction, manufacturing, and design industry.  This week, we discuss what metrics manufacturers should look at to determine how well their ad or organic social media campaign is performing, without referring to their sales report.  We dive into how to measure ad effectiveness to your target audience.  And we also discuss best practices for your team on reporting organic and paid ads.  Watch the video to get a better understanding on how to utilize ad data to improve your digital presence. 

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Topic Highlights:

• What metrics to look at to determine ad performance

• How to measure ad effectiveness to your target audience

• Best practices for your team on ad reporting

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