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Harness the Power of Public Relations to Grow Your Sales of Building Products

 January 4, 2023

By  Payton Meyers


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If you are willing to invest your time and effort into it- media relations can be a powerful tool that benefits your business by increasing awareness within the building products trade press and national consumer media.

As a public relations agency, our job is to be a liaison between the editor and the client. By doing that, we are creating and nurturing relationships with the media, leveraging those relationships to help promote your business.

Below are three key reasons why business professionals should invest in media relations.

1. Establish and maintain relationships with editors and the publications

Building relationships with the media is time-consuming and, therefore, a challenge to maintain. Having a designated internal person or an outside agency — or a combination of the two — to maintain relationships with key editors is crucial.

When establishing a relationship with editors, take the time to get to know their work, interests, and writing styles, and be consistent with your messaging. The relationship with editors makes all the difference. It leads to familiarity and trust when presenting new products, news, and more.

PR Newswire Online states that “there are 6.2 [PR] pros to every journalist”. So you will have plenty of competition for these journalists’ attention, not just at the national level. Trade and local outlets are pivotal to creating a well-rounded media presence for your company. Many trade publications have a national reach and a readership that include top management positions and those influencing purchasing decisions.

All these aspects must be part of your overall strategy when looking for a media relations agency.

2. Build brand awareness

A strong media relations campaign can help your authenticity, credibility, and visibility with your target audiences. By incorporating media relations into your marketing plan, you can build brand awareness by securing coverage in trusted media outlets. Here are some of the most popular types:

·   Company News / Press Releases: Depending on what is happening at your company, a press release might be a great way to reach a vast audience. If it’s a product, you will likely see the product run by itself on a publication’s website. Also, this product could be included in a roundup with other related products.

So for the price of one release, you can receive multiple placements. Suppose the news item features a new hire. In that case, your media relations agency might pitch an interview with the new hire and the editor. Getting this interview will allow your spokesperson to speak on industry topics relating to that publication’s interest.

·   Bylined Article: A bylined article is written by a company or a spokesperson for a company. Having a senior manager contribute a piece can highlight and successfully communicate the company’s message to your target audience. Once you decide on a topic for your article, your agency will research different publications to find the best fit. Editors are always looking for content. Once your company delivers a well-written piece, you will likely, again be asked to write about another topic.

·   Feature Article: This type of article is similar to a bylined article. The difference: An editor will pick the topic, usually related to some trend, and ask your company to contribute vs. the entire piece being about your company. These trend topic articles are one of editors’ most popular types of publicity. To help prepare for this opportunity, you must understand the audience who reads this publication, select the right spokesperson, and craft an informative message without being brand-heavy.

No matter what type of publicity you are involved with, this will continue to establish your company as an industry leader.

3. Increase credibility in the industry

Many consumers are loyal to a specific type of product or a particular organization. People often use the same product or company for decades, and it can take time to convert them to something new. It is essential to understand what your target audience needs in a product or a brand to change their minds and habits.

According to an article from International Business Machines (IBM), “Purpose-driven consumers, who choose products and brands based on how well they align to their values, now represent the largest segment (44%) of consumers”. Therefore, it’s essential to have a media relations team that understands different outlets with different audiences and aligns your brand’s message with the correct and trusted media.

With over 20 years of experience, our team has successfully provided our customers with media relations support. If you want to harness the power of media relations to elevate your brand, Contact us to book a discovery call.


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