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LinkedIn Debuts New Design; Shifts Advertising/Targeting Options

 June 25, 2019

By  Greenhouse Digital + PR


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As more users turn to LinkedIn to engage with industry professionals or to research career resources,, the platform changes to accommodate these needs. Some of these changes are more noticeable, like organic post geo targeting or profile tagging in posts. Other changes happen on the platform’s backend and on its Ads Manager.

Here are some of the latest changes and things you can now expect from LinkedIn, both in terms of advertising and user experience.

The new look of LinkedIn

After two years of heavy development, LinkedIn is getting a facelift so it can vamp up its branding. Dubbed “Project Otis,” LinkedIn recognized the need to enhance its user experience and decided to rollout a fresh interface. You can expect to see softer, more earthy tones, new font, and even a new logo shape. Don’t worry, the LinkedIn blue we all love, wasn’t part of the palette change. 

In addition to a softer look, LinkedIn is offering topic-driven insights for viewers, such as links to related posts, associated content, jobs and research. Over the last few months users also noticed the option to add descriptions to uploaded images in their feed, groups, company pages, as well as geotargeting, video closed captioning and account tagging.

LinkedIn’s VP of brand marketing and corporate communications, Melissa Selcher writes, “More and more people are commenting to me that LinkedIn feels different. The sentiment is positive and they talk about seeing us more in the world, finding more value and inspiration in their experience on the platform, and feeling a warmer, friendlier vibe from our brand.” Read the full story here.

What’s New in LinkedIn Ads Manager

The face of LinkedIn is not the only thing that changed. Marketers and advertisers noticed a few things are different when it comes to setting objectives for ads. 

  • Optimizing Ads.  Long gone are the days when you could select an objective for a Consideration Ad. However, while you can no longer target ads for link clicks, impressions or conversions; advertisers can now set goals to drive web traffic, increase post engagement or video views. It is a minor change, but one worth noting if you are used to the old format. 
  • Targeting.  If you regularly advertise in Ads Manager then you may realize that you may now create Look-A-Like Audiences (audiences similar to existing followers), custom audiences (leads you organically capture via email or phone number), and audience templates. 

These changes not only benefit brand’s by sharing helpful, related content, but also broadens the universe of potential viewers who can be exposed to your posts. 

Keeping up with these types of social platform changes is a full-time job in itself. Let our team tailor a social media strategy that’s best for your brand.  We’ll stay on top of the constantly evolving social platforms, so your results don’t suffer because “they’re no longer doing it that way.” Put the GreenHouse Digital + PR social media team to work for you today. 


Join our community to get our leading building insights, tips, and strategies delivered right to your inbox!