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Why You Should Prioritize Video for Your Social Media Platforms

 June 16, 2022

By  Riley Hosman


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From Instagram stories and reels to Youtube videos, social media channels prioritize video content on their platforms. Most businesses understand the importance of having a social media presence, but only some utilize the platform algorithm to bring their content to new audiences. 

Video will likely have the highest engagement and bring in the most impressions over a standard post. The number of users on social media is ever-increasing, guaranteeing your social media content visibility if you invest in it.

When planning a marketing strategy, it’s important to identify what social media platform your target audience is most likely to view your content and the goals you’re trying to achieve on the specific site. You will need to constantly adjust according to changing factors on social media, such as the algorithm, feature updates, and rules and regulations.

Blame (or thank) TikTok

Since its debut in 2020, TikTok has increased video-based content popularity on the internet. Now, short-form videos are tending across many platforms. Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, and TikTok are just some examples. Media analysts believe that the average consumer attention span is just 8 seconds—no wonder these platforms are so popular. People like to absorb information through quick intakes, and your business content should suit their needs.

Types of Videos

Videos are not just for entertainment; they are now being used to learn. 84% of customers said they were convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Since most audiences would rather watch a video than read the instructions or manual, capitalize on that and create videos explaining the product or process. Youtube is a great platform to take advantage of this. Here are some video content ideas for your business:

  1. Demo

Demo videos showcase how your product works. This can be a simple shot of an installer installing the product and explaining the application method they are using.

  1. Expert Interview

Go live and record an interview with a thought leader in your industry. They can help educate your audience about current trends and offer their insight into topics. 

  1. Educational / How-to

Teach your audience how to use your product with a step-by-step educational video. This is a good type to explain the benefits of the product. 

  1. Explainer

Animated or live explainer videos will help build brand awareness. They should focus on pain points, address the solutions (your product), and describe how it works. 

  1. Case Study / Customer Testimonial

Incorporating customer testimonials into a video message will help establish authenticity with your brand. Customers are more likely to trust content from their peers over branded content. 


Depending on the platform your video can run for 1 second or hours long. According to Hubspot, 83% of marketers say the optimal length of a short-form video is under 60 seconds and the optimal length for a long-form video is 3-6 minutes. Looking at your content will help you determine the best length for your audience. 

Tips to help get you started

  1. Focus on the platform’s algorithm

Social media algorithms determine what content to deliver to users based on their behavior. For businesses, social media algorithms favor consistency. Even if it’s not perfect, you should post weekly or daily, depending on your goals and platform. 

Algorithms constantly evolve to provide the best user experience. As a result, your company should be changing up your content to adapt. The Digital Marketing Institute offers a guide on an algorithm, the different social media algorithms, and how to optimize your content distribution and engagement for social media. 

  1. Include music

You can add music to your post to help draw your audience into the message. 81% of marketers say music enhances video engagement. Instagram and TikTok make it easy to find what sounds and hashtags are trending. Follow trends, see which sounds are most popular, and create a video using that sound. Be sure to include closed captions for those who watch without sound.

  1. Metrics to measure success

Great, you are beginning to post consistently, but is it getting any traction? According to Hubspot, here are the top metrics video marketers viewed to determine the video’s success: 

  • Engagement 
  • Conversion rate 
  • View count
  • Click-through rate
  • Follower/subscriber growth 
  • Average view duration 

More reasons why you should

Video helps businesses reach a wider audience on social media. It increases audience engagement and improves customer experience by delivering exactly what they are searching for.  

As you look for ways to improve your online marketing strategy, consider utilizing video to demonstrate your products. The following video marketing statistics show videos’ importance and the potential for success they can bring to your business.  

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