Safety Tips for Navigating Through AHR 2022

 November 17, 2021

By  Greenhouse Digital + PR


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The last time you attended a tradeshow, you probably felt jam-packed into the exhibit hall, fighting for elbow space. Those were the days! In a newly socially distanced world, trade shows will look the same but feel much different. We want everyone, especially exhibitors to make the most of being back in person while keeping staff and visitors safe. Check out these tips for connecting in person safely at AHR 2022 in Las Vegas.

Branded Masks

Branded masks are a great way for visitors to identify who is from your company. Most promotional item companies offer a variety of branded masks, including masks to help adapt to the hard of hearing. It is important to keep those in mind when choosing a mask. Clear masks or shields can still be branded appropriately and help make communication for your visitors much easier.

Custom QR Codes

QR codes were a hot trend in the late 90s and early 2000s but quickly fizzled as smart technology replaced their use. But, as concerns for creating a touchless experience grew in the height of the pandemic, they made a comeback. These codes are quick and easy to develop and can lead your booth visitors on a highly interactive product experience or make a great way to share contact information. You can even create codes that lead to the product brochure or video downloads. Be sure to create custom codes (only used at the show) so you can later re-target those who took action and scanned the code.

Take Your Story Online

If you are at a tradeshow, why would you want to take it online? Not everyone will attend the show but they certainly will follow what’s happening and look up the companies they missed online. This is why we recommend scheduling live social media content and recordings (for future use). Top-performing online content includes Instagram Live/Insta Stories, testimonials, product demos, and special announcements. Be sure to use the #ahrexpo2022 and #ahrexpo hashtags for added impressions.

Set Schedules

If you haven’t sent out booth invitations, it’s not too late! Whether you wish to invite the media or your potential target customers, encourage booth appointments. This helps safely navigate traffic, keep everyone safe, and avoids turning anyone away because there are too many people at your booth. As an added bonus, it is a great way to start early marketing and lead generation.


Don’t forget to have a follow-up plan. How will you respond to potential leads and inquiries from the show? What will you do with your generated videos and images? What should my email automation plan look like? All of these are great questions and ones that should be addressed prior to the show. As mentioned above, QR codes are a great way to capture contact information and the information can automatically be loaded into your CRM list.

These are only a few of the many ways you can have a successful and safe AHR 2022 show experience. Be sure to follow us or reach out to a member of our team for further success and safety strategies!


Join our community to get our leading building insights, tips, and strategies delivered right to your inbox!