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Search Engine Advertising Campaign: Evaluation and Development

 August 6, 2021

By  Greenhouse Digital + PR


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Search Engine Advertising Campaign. Evaluation and Development

How GreenHouse Digital + PR helped a pump manufacturer improve its search engine marketing strategy


A pump manufacturer needed a new Google and Bing ad strategy after noticing lower website traffic and inquiries with rising ad costs.


  • Decrease cost per click
  • Determine the most meaningful conversions while increasing the overall conversion rate
  • Re-evaluate current ad strategy and determine the most effective course of action for continuing to market to a targeted audience
  • Create a more effective keyword strategy

Before beginning any work or suggesting a new advertising strategy, GreenHouse Digital + PR performed a thorough audit of current efforts by the client. Full audits allow our digital marketing team to take an in-depth look at a client’s strategy so the team could determine what was working and areas of improvement.


The digital marketing team used a variety of keyword and SEO tools to analyze over 300 existing keywords, eight ad campaigns, 80 ad groups, and ads in French that targeted the client’s French-Canadian audience. Upon reviewing each campaign and corresponding keywords, GreenHouse determined the best and most effective strategy was to segment each campaign by product application instead of the previous set-up, which focused on segmenting based on branded keywords and product type. 

After setting a solid strategy, the digital team then performed another keyword audit to look for missed opportunities and evaluate competitor keywords. These keywords were further segmented by product application.

Once the final keywords were determined, the digital team created ad copy that incorporated the appropriate keyword while working closely with the client to help improve the overall layout and content on the corresponding landing pages. This was a strategic move to help strengthen the SEO score on the landing pages, while improving ad quality scores.

After launching all campaigns on both search engines (Google & Bing), GreenHouse continuously monitored each ad performance looking for patterns and trends in consumer search behavior and areas the client could even further improve each ad. Several changes were applied over six months, such as adding additional responsive search ads for the strongest ad groups, launching a retargeting campaign and increasing the budget after performance exceeded expectations, and redistributing the budget to more successful campaigns.


After launching the new display and search ad campaigns, the client quickly noticed an increase in website traffic, product inquiries, and other conversion metrics. Most importantly, the cost per result drastically decreased.

After reviewing the new campaign strategy’s effectiveness, the client advised the digital marketing team to increase ad budgets to continue to drive traffic, outbid competitors, and keep up with the demand for products.

Additional achieved results:

  • Average quality score of 9
  • 90%+ optimization score for each campaign
  • Lower cost conversion
  • Additional targeted products
  • Average click through rate of 8%


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