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SEO and the Impact on Your Content

 April 30, 2019

By  Greenhouse Digital + PR


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Back in the day when someone needed a plumber, they might have picked up the Yellow Pages (remember those?) or looked in a newspaper. Pre-Internet SEO – search engine optimization – involved taking your finger to scan across the largest ad on the page. Or perhaps the one that caught your eye.

Today’s SEO is a little more complicated than that. When someone sits down at their computer or laptop or picks up their phone and searches for someone to install a new water heater, the search engine hunts for information…

…and it returns results that are not only relevant but popular, based on the website serving the information needed by the customer. In our current, fast-paced world, that could mean a potential customer doesn’t even move past the first page of search results. Is your site among those top ones? Or is it buried several swipes down, looking all too similar with those above and below. 

Sure, you can probably learn a little bit about SEO on the Internet. And if you choose one of the top results, it likely means the business behind that result successfully used proper SEO practices. This, in turn, is only further proof you should probably leave SEO to a professional.

Blogs deliver a huge impact: The top spot in the search engine can be a lead-generating machine for your company. One way to get and keep your website on that coveted first page is by blogging. A blog can have a huge impact on an overall website’s search engine rankings. For one thing, it adds naturally occurring, keyword-rich pages. It also increases the potential for incoming links from high-quality websites.

Each time a new blog post is added, a new page is indexed by the search engines. By the end of the first month, the website has doubled the number of pages originally indexed by the search engines.

Think of it as what some call the “Google Lottery”: Each indexed page is like having another lottery ticket for — and a better chance of winning — the top spot in search engine rankings.

Another overlooked SEO component is social media. Many experts will say that the relationship between SEO and social media is almost nonexistent. But they forget things like connecting social channels to your website. Connections to your website from outside sources (like social media) are called external links. The more external links, the more impact it has on your ranking score.

One major benefit of social media is ad campaigns. Usually ad campaigns have a call to action (CTA). This is when you can take advantage and drive leads to your website or landing page. Not only does this create another link- remember those things search engines love- it also increases web traffic. All of these are helpful for improving your SEO score.

Consequently, social media is definitely worth investing in.

What can you take away from this?

Prospective buyers actively research your category before making a considered-purchase decision. The costlier the purchase, the longer the consideration process. Having a well optimized website with strong SEO will help give you a better position in search engine results. As you learned earlier, most consumers do not look for information past the first page of results.

What can Green House Digital + PR do for you?

We will optimize existing content and fill in the gaps. If there is wrongcontent for a keyword, without removing it, we will create additional content. The latter could include product pages that are high-quality, engaging and helpful to users.

We constantly evaluate the performance of every content campaign, from new-product announcements to blogs to whitepapers to case studies.

Learn more about our SEO capabilities www.greenhousedigitalpr.com.


Join our community to get our leading building insights, tips, and strategies delivered right to your inbox!