Case Studies

Trade show product launch converted into successful virtual media event amid pandemic

 June 16, 2021

By  Greenhouse Digital + PR


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How GreenHouse Digital + PR helped a decorative shower drain manufacturer host a successful virtual product launch, in lieu of cancelled trade shows. 


GreenHouse Digital + PR was asked to manage a product-launch media event for a linear and center-point drain manufacturer. 


  • Position the product as the leading total shower solution for both residential and commercial applications.
  • Launch the client’s new product lines through targeted consumer design and shelter media, as well as relevant building-product trade magazines.
  • Through trade media, communicate to designers, architects, facility owners and managers, as well as plumbing and mechanical contractors and engineers the new product’s unique selling proposition.

Traditionally, GreenHouse Digital + PR would recommend a media tour or trade show media relations to support a new product launch. But the COVID-19 pandemic hit and in-person trade shows and media tours were no longer an option. 

The client decided to move forward with transitioning the live experience to a virtual one. GreenHouse Digital + PR had three months to help plan the event and bring it to life in a virtual environment.


This was the client’s first virtual product launch; therefore, they wanted to create a memorable experience for plumbing, construction, consumer shelter and design media. GreenHouse Digital + PR suggested a webinar format to ensure smooth event execution.  

GreenHouse further recommended an effective mix of live and pre-recorded footage. Pre-recorded video allowed the client to present a deep-dive into the technical aspects of its new, versatile center-point drain and shower system. To that end, the client pre-recorded an installation demonstration by a technical application manager at their training facility. 

The virtual media event also included one-on-one interviews with key trade media via Zoom Meetings. These half-hour conversations took place after the webinar presentation. 

As this was the first time for the speakers to present during a virtual event, the GreenHouse team provided coaching and advice on how to successfully present in a webinar setting. 

In just a few months, the GreenHouse account manager and digital team collaborated with the client to go from the initial concept to a fully-produced virtual event. Deliverables included:

  • Strategic direction
  • Scripting assistance
  • Video output
  • Detailed webinar presentation checklist and guidelines document
  • Practice sessions and run-throughs
  • Driving media attendance through one-on-one media outreach and follow-ups
  • Setting up and hosting the event through the webinar platform
  • Technical support before and during the virtual event 
  • Facilitating two-way interaction between the client and media attendees with features like Q&A and live chat
  • Scheduling and facilitating one-on-one media interviews
  • Post-event follow-ups and media kit creation


In their first-ever virtual product launch and within a niche media environment, our client was able to generate 26 media registrations and, subsequently, engage 19 key trade media editors with a 45-minute, online presentation. 

Among the attending media outlets were editors and freelance writers from:

  • Architectural Digest
  • Architectural Record
  • BNP Media (Plumbing & Mechanical, Supply House Times, PM Engineer)
  • Building Design & Construction
  • Connecticut Cottages & Gardens
  • Contractor
  • Design New Jersey
  • Interior Design Magazine
  • Kitchen & Bath Business
  • Mechanical Hub
  • PHCP Pros (PHC News, The Wholesaler, Plumbing Engineer)
  • PRODUCTS for Residential Construction
  • Professional Builder, among others. 

Thanks to the virtual media event, this client subsequently secured a podcast interview, and multiple feature articles and product placements. 

Participants enjoyed the opportunity to still have one-on-one interaction via Q&A, chat and one-on-one interviews within a virtual setting. The virtual venue allowed our client and attendees to have real-time interaction despite the pandemic. 


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