Maximizing Your Brand at Trade Shows

 February 22, 2024

By  Riley Hosman


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As a smaller building product manufacturer, we understand the challenges you face with limited resources and manpower, making it difficult to fully capitalize upon their potential at trade shows. That’s why, with the right support and guidance, trade shows can become an optimal channel for showcasing your products, connecting with potential customers, and gaining valuable exposure in the media.

At GreenHouse, we support you at trade shows by providing comprehensive assistance, leveraging our industry-specific knowledge, and implementing effective media relations and PR strategies. In this blog, we will dive into how it’s done.

Preshow Activities and Outreach

One of the key ways we support you at trade shows is through our preshow activities and outreach. This critical phase sets the foundation for a successful trade show presence and ensures maximum exposure for your brand. Here are some of the key elements of our foundational media relations strategy:

1. Identify trade show award opportunities: We understand the importance of showcasing your exceptional products and innovations. That’s why we carefully research trade shows to identify product award opportunities. By submitting your products for award consideration, we can generate buzz and gain recognition within the industry. One example of a popular industry trade show award is the AHR HVAC Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards recognize and honor the manufacturers who are inventing the future of HVACR.

2. Create e-blasts for maximum exposure: Our targeted messaging highlights your booth offerings and ensures media professionals receive tailored emails highlighting your latest products, brand updates, and promotions. These brand-forward emails are strategically crafted to generate media interest and put your brand at the forefront of media professionals’ minds before the trade show.

3. Coordinate at-show media opportunities: We work closely with you and proactively identify opportunities beyond your booth to immerse yourself further in the trade show environment.

One notable example is our recent collaboration with Noritz America and Mechanical Hub, where we coordinated a podcast recording at the AHR trade show. These podcasts serve as a valuable platform for you to showcase your expertise, delve into your latest products or innovations, and establish meaningful connections with influential figures in the industry.

4. Emphasize the introduction of new products or brands: We understand the importance of launching new products or brands during trade shows. We dedicate specific efforts to ensure these introductions receive maximum exposure by crafting targeted messaging and developing tailored strategies to promote your new products or brands.

For instance, when our client partner, Oatey, introduced their brand-new product, the QuickDrain SquareDrain, they leveraged a compelling mailer to capture the attention of media outlets. The mailer was thoughtfully curated and included a sample of the drain cover in different finishes, showcasing its beautiful design. The product sample also featured a printed personalized invitation, some branded swag, and a stylish coffee cup. This approach proved highly effective in grabbing the media’s attention as it added a personal touch, making them more inclined to schedule an appointment or feature the product.

Read our case study to learn about the QuickDrain SquareDrain Media Event. 

5. Schedule media appointments: Scheduling media appointments is a critical aspect of our services that demonstrates our dedication to facilitating meaningful interactions between you and media representatives. Our team excels in crafting compelling pitches and communications, strategically targeting and reaching out to relevant media professionals. We ensure that your time at the trade show is utilized effectively.

If you want to learn more about our approach, check out our blog post.

During the Show

We are dedicated to supporting you in your booth, providing invaluable assistance. We take the lead in identifying and engaging with media representatives, ensuring that you have meaningful interactions throughout the event. We also play a vital role in introducing you to media professionals, bridging the gap, and fostering connections.

Look at one of our marketing coordinators, Helen Tran,  supporting our client partner Uponor at the AHR trade show!

Post-Show Follow-Up

After the show, our commitment to you doesn’t end. GreenHouse Digital + PR understands the importance of post-show follow-up in maximizing the impact of your presence at the event.

Comprehensive Digital Press Kit: We take post-show follow-up seriously by providing editors with a comprehensive digital press kit. This kit includes all the necessary information about your products, relevant booth materials, and any other supportive material mentioned during the show. We aim to make it easy for editors to create post-show articles and roundups that showcase your success and innovations.

Extensive Media Coverage: We believe in going beyond a mere mention of where your products were featured. Our team understands the importance of comprehensive media coverage and is committed to ensuring you receive the recognition you deserve. We diligently track and capture all instances of media coverage, including articles, reviews, interviews, and features. Every piece of coverage, big or small, contributes to your overall success.

Detailed Coverage Report: To provide you with a clear understanding of the impact and reach of your products in the market, we provide you with a detailed media coverage report. This report includes a comprehensive compilation of all the media coverage received, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your participation in the trade show.

Our commitment to you extends beyond the trade show itself. We understand the importance of post-show follow-up and strive to maximize the impact of your presence at the event through comprehensive media engagement and coverage. Through our dedicated post-show follow-up efforts, we ensure your investment in the trade show continues to yield long-lasting results.

At GreenHouse Digital + PR, we understand the unique challenges building product manufacturers face during trade shows and offer tailored solutions to help maximize your brand’s impact. As a full-service agency, we are committed to helping you succeed and achieve long-term success at trade shows, even without a large marketing department!

Our track record of success, combined with our commitment to client collaboration, allows us to provide exceptional value through our tailored services and industry relationships. If you are seeking tradeshow assistance, please contact us to book a discovery call to learn more about how we can help!


Join our community to get our leading building insights, tips, and strategies delivered right to your inbox!