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The Importance of Integrating Your Marketing and PR Efforts

 July 10, 2020

By  Greenhouse Digital + PR


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In the current digital age, roles and responsibilities are constantly changing and impacting one another. Remembering that we’re all in this together can have major benefits for your entire company. 

While marketing and public relations may have their own end goals, intertwining their strategies can be incredibly powerful in reaching success within your company or agency. Working together can help present a clear and consistent message and brand image to your audience. 

As Forbes points out in Three Reasons You Should Consider Combining Your PR And Marketing Efforts: “A marketing campaign without a captivating story will lose traction quickly, while PR without analytics does not allow businesses to measure ROI.” 

And that is just one example. There are a variety of opportunities for marketing and public relations teams to collaborate.

One of the main benefits of integrating marketing and PR strategies is the further development of your overall brand message. What message about your company are you trying to convey to your target audience? Is the way you communicate that message the same, whether you are speaking to your Instagram followers or pitching a trade publication? 

The integration will make it easier for your brand to create ongoing and enticing content, press materials, ad campaigns, etc. Brainstorming with both teams will lead to an unstoppable flow of ideas and consistency across all forms of communication. Think about the skill level of every one of those employees and what they can provide when working together.  

If consistency is noticed by your current clients and potential customers, you already have an edge on your competitors. It makes it easier to navigate what values and offerings you and your team bring to the table. 

A few examples of what could benefit from integrating your marketing and PR efforts

1. SEO

Most of our digital efforts, such as blog posts, press releases, case studies and social content, focus on the use of keywords and improving SEO rankings. By having PR incorporate a company’s SEO strategies into its daily assignments, the potential reach of your brand can only improve and further the opportunity for keywords you don’t normally rank for.

2. Social Media 

We all know how crucial social media is to generate leads and results. Combining the minds of marketing and public relations professionals can help develop successful social media strategies and posts. Your followers can enjoy and learn from content that was created through the combination of complex data and fun — simple ways to put it all together.

3. Events

Experiential marketing is a strategy that allows consumers to interact with brands through in-person experiences, such as events, tutorials, and product samplings. Marketers can create a hands-on, live campaign for their targeted audiences based on collected data. PR can bring the event to the attention of the media and get the coverage it deserves.

Communicating the data, details, and what will make this experience newsworthy can help to make it a hit. This can be especially helpful with building-products trade shows, as product launches are going digital. Shifting strategy from in-person events to virtual has a whole new set of challenges. In a previous article, How to Promote Your Virtual Event on Social, we touch on important ways to leverage your marketing and PR efforts effectively to launch a successful event.

4. Overall creativity

Sharing information with one another will no doubt lead to consistency in all formats. For example, certain quantitative and qualitative data collected by marketers can be put to good use when searching for the right publications and media outlets to pitch. In exchange, media coverage can be regenerated by the marketing team into strong email campaigns. The amount of creative material that will come out of working together will increase general awareness and drive leads.

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Join our community to get our leading building insights, tips, and strategies delivered right to your inbox!