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6 Marketing Tactics to Stay Relevant

 September 9, 2020

By  Greenhouse Digital + PR


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Refreshing your marketing tactics is important to stay relevant, especially in times of change. While we don’t know exactly how long this “new normal” will last, we can expect some of the lessons learned to stay with us post-pandemic. We must adapt, not only for the sake of our companies but for maintaining long-lasting relationships with customers and partners.

  1. Analyze your messaging

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How is your business keeping up with external factors? 
  • Are you portraying the same messages you were a year ago? 
  • What are you offering consumers that benefit them right now?
  • Are your current content and marketing tactics consistent with or surpassing the trends of your industry?

2. Listen to your customers

Keep a close eye on design and construction industry trends to find out the interests of your current and target customers. Connect with your customers through social media, and encourage engagement with you as much as possible. Ask your audience what types of content they are looking for and how you can benefit them at the current moment.

Utilize the story features on your Facebook and Instagram accounts which offer many commenting options for followers. Some example story templates include “Ask a Question”, where followers can submit questions to you, and “Vote”, where you can ask a question and have followers vote which option they prefer. 

3. Staying Engaged 

Continue to encourage engagement and show your customers you are listening by responding to their inquiries and comments. Never miss an opportunity to respond positively to comments and emails. Once you know what your customers want, stay engaged. Don’t forget about them. Use relevant content to help you form blogs, whitepapers, and infographics. Repurpose this material for social media. 

4. Refreshing your Website 

An exciting new website or a content renovation is an essential part of every company’s marketing tactics. If opportunities for projects or on the job photography is slim, showing you are paying attention through a virtual format can help do the trick to stay relevant. Does your current site showcase everything that makes your company what it is and is it optimized to drive as much traffic as possible?

5. Email Marketing

Once you feel as though your business is maintaining enough relevancy to match the current state of the world, focus on making that known to your current and potential audience. Send out email campaigns sharing new company information and content, educating on industry news and updates, and encourage the receivers to stay up to date with you. Send follow-up emails to those who are actively engaging to let them know you’re there and you care.

6. Be active in your local community

Being active in your community has a variety of meanings: volunteering, donating, fundraising, partnering with local businesses, or simply just raising awareness. It’s no secret that local businesses have been struggling the past few months, and many people are looking to assist in any way that they can. Discuss possibilities internally on what you can do to stay relevant in your community while also helping your neighbor.

Are you a local business yourself? In what ways can you and your community benefit one another? These partnerships can be in the most unexpected places and can lead to long-lasting relationships.

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Join our community to get our leading building insights, tips, and strategies delivered right to your inbox!