Digital Marketing Trends to Keep Top of Mind in 2022

 December 1, 2021

By  Greenhouse Digital + PR


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Digital developments are influenced greatly by market trends, new technologies and of course, demand. Since the drastic changes that Covid-19 has introduced, people have taken to using their digital devices to stay in touch, manage business and entertain themselves from home. According to data from Statista, Americans spend an average screen time of 5.4 hours. Due to the circumstances, it’s important for businesses to keep track of these trends to better develop their marketing strategies for best success in the long run. Check out the latest in digital marketing trends.

1. Short-form video is a priority

People are developing a need for more easy-to-consume, quick-to-read and/or view content. Having taken on technology based lifestyles since the early start of the pandemic, preferences are beginning to steer the type of content people are willing to consume. It’s all about getting creative — consumers want to see the product or service you’re offering in a real-time and realistic way. They also want to see quality content that is allowing them to consume on a timely basis. This is where short-form video becomes a priority. 

Examples of short-form video content include: testimonials, quick troubleshooting, how-to’s and mini case studies. By viewing information in real-time, consumers are more likely to stay engaged especially if it’s through a short-form because it won’t take up too much of their time. 

2. Influencer marketing 

Consumers want to see that your product or service is reputable. Influencer marketing is a great tactic to help support your reputation marketing and to build brand awareness. Influencers tend to provide honest and valuable reviews that consumers trust.

Observe your customers or preferable target audience before initiating any collaborations with influencers. This will mean understanding which influencers would best align with your company values, customers and furthermore, best market your product or service. Before searching for an influencer be sure to do the following: 

  1. Choose the platform you want to focus on before choosing an influencer for your marketing strategy. 
  2. Establish a budget before searching for influencers. 
  3. Decide on your goals for your influencer marketing strategy. 

According to HubSpot, “…57% of marketing professionals that currently leverage influencer marketing say it’s effective, 46% of them plan to increase their investments in 2022. Additionally,11% say it’s the top ROI-generating trend they’ve tested.”

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3. Organic Search  

Content quality is important to focus on in your journey of organic search engine optimization (SEO) content. Consider the following effective techniques to help generate organic traffic:

  1. Optimize content to better rank your website in Google to further increase organic traffic. 
  2. Improve use experience by testing your webpage to determine its readability, user accessibility and overall look and feel. 
  3. Enable voice search in addition to text search. 
  4. Design for both mobile and desktop to allow for a more diverse user experience on your webpage. 
  5. Instead of just keywords, focus on topic clusters to better the ranking of your organic search results through question or sentence formats. 

4. Hybrid Events

As is everything else, events are taking the alternative route — virtual attendance. The Covid-19 pandemic proved that live-streaming interactive events provides everyone a unique opportunity to attend, especially if they technically can’t. For the foreseeable future, hybrid events will be offered in all types through either live-streaming on social media or attending a virtual meeting. 

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Being in touch with digital trends can greatly benefit your business and better generate leads in the long run. By following these trends you’ll be able to stand out to your customers and outshine your competitors. At GreenHouse Digital + PR we’re focused on understanding market trends and planning ahead. If you are looking for support for your social media and digital marketing efforts, contact our team of marketing specialists today!


Join our community to get our leading building insights, tips, and strategies delivered right to your inbox!