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Hosting a successful Facebook Live event: The ultimate task list for before, during, and after

 November 4, 2020

By  Greenhouse Digital + PR


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As the end of the year approaches, most of us have attended at least one Facebook Live work event in the past few months. From training webinars to product launches to virtual demonstrations, we have been invited to them all and maybe even thought about hosting one of our own. Here is the ultimate checklist to prepare you for doing just that. Before you schedule your company’s event, make sure you read through the best practices for before, during, and after for a successful Facebook live stream!


You have spent the last few weeks planning your first Facebook Live event, and it’s time to start getting into the finer details.

1 week before

  • Create your Facebook Live event. Facebook allows you to create your live event up to one week before. Invitees can finally visit your page, confirm their attendance, and save the link!
  • Share, share, share! Promote your event on all of your social media platforms. Pin the event post (including the link to your Facebook live page) to the top of all channels so it’s the first thing your web traffic sees.  
  • Confirm your schedule of events. Practice, make changes and have your schedule set a week out. During your practice run, test everything: lighting, equipment, sound, filming locations. If you are doing a product demonstration, having speakers, training sessions, etc. make sure to practice those as well! Be as prepared as possible for the day of the event.

1 day before

  • Send out a reminder email to your invite list and highlight the important details of the event. Include the Facebook live link so they know exactly where to go and the start time so they know exactly when to tune in. 
  • Continue to promote the event on all social media channels! 
  • Will there be guest speakers or manufacturing partners at your event? Prepare a list of their social media channels to have accessible during the event for easy tagging access.
  • Make a day-of checklist that lists all the equipment and supplies needed throughout the event.

1 hour before

  • Send a final email to your confirmed attendees reminding them of the start time, Facebook live link and important event details.
  • Create final social media posts to draw in last-minute viewers. 

During event

You’ve finally started your live-stream! Now what?

  • Keep an eye out for any technical difficulties and address them right away. If you plan on taking a break during the live-stream, closely watch and ensure that you return to the feed smoothly.
  • Engage with your audience. Monitor Facebook and all other social media platforms for commentary. Promote your company by responding to both negative and positive comments, and share what makes you stand out amongst your competitors. 
  • Don’t let a viewer’s question go unanswered. Be timely and responsive for your audience (and potential customers!)

Successful Facebook Live event


Congrats! You have finished hosting your first successful Facebook Live event!

  • Create social media posts thanking your attendees for helping to make your event a success. Post stories on your Facebook and Instagram asking your followers what they liked about the event. Don’t forget to share all of the photos and videos you captured throughout the day!
  • Analyze your audience’s response to the live-stream, your company’s experience hosting, and the event analytics. What could you have done differently? How can you have a better outcome during your next live event?

Interested in hosting a virtual event but don’t know where to begin? GreenHouse Digital + PR has the right tools for you and your audience. Let us know how we can help here!



Join our community to get our leading building insights, tips, and strategies delivered right to your inbox!